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Why Synergy E Mobility Solutions APFC

Quality Materials

Lower Maintenance

Longer Serviceability

Power Factor Control Methods

There are many power factor control methods but the best is to compensate by connecting the capacitors across the line.


This is further divided into two parts - fixing the fixed capacity of capacitors and automatic capacitors inserted according to the changes in the reactive load.

Why Prefer APFCs Over Fixed Capacitors?

  1. APFC is a bank of capacitors while fixed capacitors have fixed capacity.

  2. APFC makes possible variable insertion of capacitance in the circuit according to the load requirement. While in fixed capacitors, a fixed capacitance in injected no matter what the load.

  3. You can achieve unity or at least near unity PF with APFC. On the other hand, in fixed capacitors, lead PF can be achieved but not unity.

  4. APFC costs more when compared to the fixed method but you can avoid a penalty and may also help you get an incentive.

Benefits of Synergy's Automatic Power Factor Controllers:

Prevention of Power

Factor Penalty

Consistency in PF Under

Fluctuation Load

Avoidance of

Leading Power Factor

Our Expertise is What Sets us Apart

Leave your power factor worries to Synergy E Mobility Solutions. Our team of electrical engineers has experience of more than 30 years in this field which gives us an edge over others.

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