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Our Expertise

Training, Consultancy, Infrastructure Design, Installation, Maintenance and Software.

We are an authorised channel partner of Delta  Chargers , a leading EV charger manufacturing company in India including all types of EV vehicles  including two wheeler, three wheelers, Four wheeler including passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle  and buses. our dealer network is spread all over the India and provide faster delivery and services.


& Maintenance

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Installation & Maintenance

We provide the best practices in installation through affordable design application, right equipment selection and working with professional certified electrical contractors to meet client expectations.


According to client requirements, the  installation experts at Synergy E Mobility Solutions  executes the project  ensuring a seamless installation. We aim at providing utmost client safety and satisfaction.

After installation, we provide training to the charger operators on best practices to operate EV charging point.

Synergy also provides AMC to handle preventive maintenance and breakdown even after expiry of warranty period.


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Software is essential part for public charging, CPO (charge point operator),Housing societies where common charging facility is provided.

Software comes with the two parts:

  • Mobile app for EV user

  • CMS for the charge point operators

EV user can charge his vehicle at charging point using his Mobile app and scanning the QR code on the charger amount of charge will get deducted from his mobile wallet. Synergy mobile app comes with the various features which enhances the user experiences and makes the EV charging a happy experience.

CMS for the operators displays various analytics for the operator, formation of zones, Geo clusters and the existing features for the zone is of load management which is its unique feature. Further, the operator  can decide and apply the rates of charging for his costumers / members/employees, based on different rate for different chargers, fixed and variable cost and can keep his charger public or private as per his convenience.
Download the app on your preferred operating system.



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Our experts have wide experience in electrical field and EV charging network And hence provides a proper consultancy services as per the need of clients who wants to set up a charging station for public/private/utility purpose. we suggest a right match for selection of  location of charger , devices, cable sizing and switchgear, utility tariff, and liasioning works which increases profitability of the client


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Synergy E mobility solutions is one of the pioneers in the Electric Vehicle Charging infrastructure development in India.

To nurture the Ecosystem for Electric vehicles, the company's prime focus is  on EV Skills development.

In this EV Skill development portfolio, Synergy E mobility solutions have partnered with Skill Sonics, Switzerland.

Skill Sonics is a renowned name in the vocational training sector.

On 21st April 2022, the inauguration of the EV Skill development workshop was held at ITI Aundh, Pune. Various Industry experts, Government officials and Senior officers from the private (EV Sector) sector marked their presence. 

We are on a mission to train students and passionate professionals about Electric Vehicles. The training will not be only theory based but include both theory & practical approach, students will get practical exposure with the state of the art designed & developed EV laboratory.

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